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An Open Source Natural Dyeing Machine

17 Mar
The Dye-Bot

The Dye-Bot

According to French textile engineer Mathieu Sandana, the textile industry is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide, much of that coming from the dying process. This has lead to his current open source hardware project, “Le récupère couleurs” (the colour recoverer or dyer-bot), which is a machine for dying garments or yarn, with a particular focus on using vegetable dyes and recovering and re-using the dye-stuff.

The dyer bot is being developed for use by French locally produced fashion label Rosa Tapioca, and has received 2,040 € worth of funding through kiss kiss bank bank, a French kickstarter equivalent.

On their project page, they write:

The dyer-bot will dye garments, fabrics and yarns. There is no equivalent machine existing in the industry and it will take natural dyeing further. Its has three main advantages as compared to other textile dyeing machine.

1Cheaper: the dyer bot will cost less than every other industrial dyeing machine suitable for natural dyeing. Moreover, free recycler dyeing materials (tea, avocado rinds, unsold flowers) can be easily used with it.

2Easy-to-use : the machine is tought to be used by people with no knowledge in dyeing so they can make their own colors. The process will be made as simple as possible and published on dye-lab.com.

3Grow local and ecological economy : it will allow to reduce transportation and geographical concentration of toxic industries.

If you have a couple of minutes to be wowed by colours being taken from the farmers market right through to the garment, do check out the fabulous video found on their project page.

Information about ongoing process on the dyer bot is available at http://dye-lab.com/.

The dying process. The waste materials then become compost to grow more dye plants.

The dying process. The waste materials then become compost to grow more dye plants.